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Neil Burger

Neil Burger


Sometimes, litigators have to act quickly: when a client needs an injunction to stop a former employee from violating the provisions of a non-competition agreement, for instance, or to keep one from disclosing proprietary information or trade secrets.

Such cases can be the equivalent to condensing a year’s litigation into a short, high-stakes proceeding. Neil Burger thrives on them. “I’m nimble, especially in injunctions,” he says. “You have to be ready for any situation that comes up. You have to deal with it immediately.” He litigates and advises on non-competition disputes in general business industries, as well as specific to physician employment agreements.

Neil’s agility is matched by his legal versatility. His resume includes oil and gas litigation, breach of contract and tortious injury lawsuits, as well as business ownership disputes, real estate, and discrimination claims. He also works with solo practitioners and smaller firms in need of his expertise. In such situations, Neil tailors his services to the unique demands of the case. Some call for co-counsel; others require work on issues such as jury charges, summary judgment appeals or expert challenges. His skills have brought him a wide commercial practice and recognition on Texas Monthly‘s Texas Super Lawyer listing in business litigation for 2013 and 2014.

Although his practice for the most part involves representing individuals and corporations in business disputes, Neil has dedicated significant time to pro bono work for people in need of legal representation. In one case, he and fellow Carrington Coleman lawyers secured the release of a Texas death-row inmate. The court held that the man’s original counsel had been ineffective, having failed to thoroughly investigate and present evidence of innocence. Carrington Coleman worked for free.

“I was the first person from our firm to meet with our client on death row. The initial challenge is building that relationship,” Neil said. “He could tell that for the first time he had a team of people fighting for him.”

No matter who the client may be, Neil wants them to know the same.

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