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Kelli Hinson

Kelli Hinson


Kelli Hinson knows how to craft legal arguments that win cases for her clients.

When she presents an argument, the other lawyers see aspects of the case they hadn’t considered, and often have to rethink their position. That is the kind of advocacy it takes to overturn $88 million verdicts and win major summary judgments and dismissals for your clients.

As head of Carrington Coleman’s Professional Liability group, Kelli helps navigate cases for major law firms, healthcare institutions, and corporations, and the professionals who run them.

Her ability to clarify a professional’s or corporation’s legal duties—to opposing counsel, judges, and juries—often brings these cases to quick and successful conclusions. She applies the same informed expertise to shareholder disputes, derivative claims, and officer and director suits, making her a “go-to” attorney for business litigation.

Being an amazingly quick study, she has yet to meet a legal problem she couldn’t eventually master. Her meticulous dissection of cases against her clients can leave the other side wondering what hit them.

The high school teacher who told her during a debate project that she’d make a good lawyer had no idea how right she was.

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