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Jeffery P. Drummond

Jeffery P. Drummond


Jeffery P. Drummond’s areas of expertise include representing hospitals, physicians, laboratories, surgery centers, and other health care providers in transactional and regulatory matters. Jeff is involved in drafting contracts, negotiating business relationships, and analyzing healthcare regulations in the health care, pharmaceutical, and tax exemption areas. Jeff is also listed in the “red book” as nationally recognized bond counsel.

Jeff is best known for his expertise in HIPAA and medical record privacy, as well as other data privacy and security issues. He was recognized for his experience with HIPAA while the regulations were very new, has been involved in the HIPAA compliance activities of hundreds of entities and institutions, and has drafted thousands of HIPAA forms, documents, agreements, and policies and procedures. It is possible that more practitioners are using Jeff’s HIPAA documents than any other HIPAA attorney, given that he drafted the form documents offered by the Texas Medical Association to its physician members.

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