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Mary Jean Geroulo


Mary Jean Geroulo has worked in health care her entire career and appreciates the regulatory and operational challenges faced by providers in this dynamic field.

In her legal practice, Mary Jean focuses on health care reimbursement, regulatory compliance and transactional issues. Her clients include individual hospitals and multi-hospital corporations, physician groups and solo practitioners, home health agencies, nursing homes, and a variety of other health care providers. Mary Jean is accessible to her clients at all times, providing immediate responses to their questions regarding the legal and regulatory implications of various situations that arise. Clients rely on Mary Jean to provide them with clear, concise answers that offer the necessary legal support while being comprehensible to their business personnel.

As a former hospital CEO, Mary Jean has first-hand knowledge of the impact the law has on the operation of a health care business and understands the nuanced relationships that exist between participants throughout the health care system. Her passion for the science of health care led Mary Jean to her first job as a research assistant and continues to inspire her practice of health care law.

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